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PROGRAMME 16.9.04 - 19.9.04 Cesky jazyk

Thursday 19:00
Boyz Night

Prague Beer Tour. Yes, for the boys, our legendary beer crawl, thoroughly researched and brought to market by the groom. I hope you can help judge the quality control. Includes great Czech food to induce you to more great Czech beer! Don't plan a big morning Friday...!

Thursday 19:00
Girlz Night

An evening for the ladies at Dagmar's villa outside Prague. Can't really say what's happening here, need to ask Jana!

Friday 12:00
Lunch & Tour

Klasterni PivovarLunch. Klašterni Pivovar, Strahov
Get a little 'hangover helper' at another of our favourite Czech spots - the local Monastery! Beer optional, but they DO operate their own brewery as any good monk should. Perfect for setting you up for a great day in Prague!

Prague Walking Tour. (starts at 14:00 at the monastery if you are skipping lunch) Join us for a professionally guided tour around our home... We will take you to some of our favourite spots, hidden gardens, and more of the usual tourist stuff, with strategic stops for coffee & more..

Friday 19:30
Family Dinner

Nebozizek restaurant on Petrin hillNebozizek Restaurant, Petřin Hill.
This is a special dinner for our family and family friends; set in a lovely restaurant with stunning views of Prague. For those not attending, we will recommend several great restaurants according to your taste!

Saturday 15:00
The Wedding

Ledebour Garden
Prague 1, entrace on Valdstejske nam. 3
The main event takes place in the impossibly romantic 18th century baroque gardens, cascading down from the castle in a leafy avalanche of terraces.

We look forward to toasting our happy event with our friends and loved ones at a champagne reception in the garden. Explore the gardens and the great views as seen through a happy glow of love and wine.

Saturday 19:00
The Reception

Palffy Palac. This 17th Century baroque palace is home to one of Prague's most romantic restaurants, with superb food, a terrace dining area with views up to the castle, as well as the Prague Conservatory of music. We have taken over the restaurant and the music hall for a great night of feasting, music, dancing and romance!

National costumes recommended...

Sunday 12:00
The Brunch

Sovovy Mlýny. Chill out with us Sunday morning (we'll need it!) with a relaxing champagne brunch along the bank of the Vltava.

The restaurant also adjoins the Kampa museum of modern art, which is worth a visit, as is just a wander around the park.

Sunday about 14:30

Gordon's Birthday Party

The Surprise. Cowabunga!  What's the surprise!To be announced at brunch, there is a small party planned (so, not THAT much of a surprise!) to celebrate all sorts of thing, least of which is Gordon's aging of another year...

For those of you on the Edinburgh flight, it doesn't leave until 20:50 so you will have plenty of time for this and a few beers more...!

Costs: The tour, wedding, reception, and surprise party are all on us! To help us produce the coolest wedding of the year, and to keep things simple for our suppliers, we ask that participants pay their own costs for the Friday lunch and the Brunch on Sunday.


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Individual contacts:
Gordon UK: 07973 748591 CZ: +420 603 154447 • gordon@jana-gordon.com
Jana: +420 602 261 848 • jana@jana-gordon.com